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Open Joint Stock Company “Plant equipment for automatic control”

Company has a well-developed engineering and technical infrastructure, equipped with good access routes for road and rail transport, providing a link with suppliers of raw materials and shipping products.


According to the project first factory was specialized for the production of means of control and measurement for engineering, including instrumentation and control and sorting machines for automatic production lines. In the future, due to the changes that have taken place in the organizational structure of the industry and the adverse conditions due to lack of investment, the plant has changed the product range.


At present, our company produces both its own products, and specializes in metal processing orders for the leading champions of the Belarusian machine-building. Among them Zhodzina “Belaz” Minsk Tractor Works and Novopolotsk “Naftan” and “Glass”, Metallurgical Plant Zhlobin and other enterprises.


Thus, the refinery produces the following groups of products for many industries both for Belarus and neighboring countries. This is a planetary gear brands produced by RP-7 for mixing drums of 6 and 7 cubic meters, which is designed to transfer power from the motor to the drum mixer truck.


It consists of three stages planetary gear set. second group of products is parts for motor vehicles, which have been certified to ISO 9001. Among them, block 3803 BCL warning lights, lamps, control models, 12.3803, and 24.3803, which are designed to control operation and fault alarm system and appliances Road vehicles, buses, tractors and earthmoving machinery. In contrast to the analogues of our units are manufactured with the symbols of the light, and as the emitter LEDs are used.


For acquisition of isolating suspension wires and cables lightning protection we produce couplings fittings for overhead power lines. It is intended for use in the construction of overhead transmission lines and open switchgear substations Kilovolt 35-1500.


A fourth group of products include spare parts for various agricultural machines. Among these blocks are hubs for PCM combines “DON-1500, and 1500 B”, replacement parts for plows production subsidiary “Minoytovsky Repair Plant”, Grodno region, etc.


The fifth group of manufactured goods are consumer goods, which includes the student’s furniture.
This student desks and chairs, computer tables, a set of folding furniture and so on. And with modern equipment and process technologies, the plant also produced wooden windows, doors and other similar products which have been certified. Besides, there is a wide range of metal products.
This is entirely of collected metal cabinets for storage of the street, home and work clothes in the sanitary facilities of industrial enterprises. And for the installation of gas cylinders are manufactured to individual consumers and the two-section single-section gas cabinets. Given the needs of the market our team has recently mastered a number of new products are in high demand.


So for Kochanowski excavator plant, our team has mastered the production model of the actuator stroke FKTSI 51 11, buyout is designed to transmit power from the mo-tor to the drive wheel mechanism of Swing FKTSI 5112 to transfer power from the mo-tor to the turntable crawler excavator EO-3223, and a central collector hydraulic. To Mozyr Engineering Plant we produce a set of nodes caterpillar drive 15 02 to tractors BELARUS mark 15 02, and 2103. Includes koretki with balancing, hydraulic shock absorbers and road wheels, drive wheels and rails, shock absorbers, support rollers for the enterprise “Tver Excavator” we manufacture gear box to the excavator for their production.


Our company is a flexible machine-based production technologies with multi-purpose production. With proizvodststvennyh reserve capacity, highly skilled professionals and workers as we are able to increase production and expand its range of metal products, plastic injection molding machines for casting and aluminum die casting. Therefore, we invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation. Our address is: City of Orsha, Vitebsk street. Lenin, 223. Phone/fax: 8 – (0216) 229 895. E-mail: ozpak@tut.by