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Reduktor planetarnyy marki RP-7

The RP-7 planetary gear reducer is produced for mixing drums with a volume of 6 and 7 cubic meters, which is intended for transferring power from the hydraulic motor to the drum of a truck mixer. Consists of three stages of the planetary series

Accessories for motor vehicles

Accessories for motor vehicles components for vehicles that have been certified for ISO 9001.

Among them, a block of control lamps BKL 3803, lamps control models 12.3803 and 24.3803, which are designed to monitor the operation and signaling of malfunctions of systems and devices of motor vehicles, buses, tractors and earthmoving machinery. Unlike analogues, our units are manufactured with symbols for clearance, and LEDs are used as the radiator.

For the acquisition of insulating wire harnesses and lightning protection cables, we produce coupling fittings for overhead power transmission lines. It is intended for use on the construction of overhead transmission lines and open switchgear of substations with a voltage of 35-1500 kilovolts.

Spare parts for agricultural machinery

Among them, blocks of hubs RSM and RSM 10B.01.15.520 for combines “DON-1500A and 1500B”, spare parts for plows produced by the DP “Minoytovsky repair plant” Grodno region, etc.